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Provides FREE Children's Books

to Support Early Reading Skills & Child Development Programs

One Book   &   One Family at a Time


Rain City Capital's "$100 Mission" Partner

Rain City Capital donates $100 for every loan made to an emergent charity selected by their employee panel. Chapter 2 Chapter received over $18,000 to support operations throughout Washington. 

Much of this support will be earmarked for bilingual children's books so non-English speaking parents can still read to their children and begin the early-literacy training to prepare for Kindergarten and beyond.


Gold Level Charity

GuideStar awards Chapter 2 Chapter its "Gold" for non-profit transparency and governance. GuideStar is a non-profit charity rating organization that helps donors select the best run and most efficient charities to support. 

Over 95% of all donations directly support youth literacy programs. 

Chapter 2 Chapter is an ALL volunteer organization.


Chapter 2 Chapter awarded 2018 Regional Impact Grant

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington awarded 

Chapter 2 Chapter its Regional Impact Grant for 2018. 

To supplement the $7,500 grant, CFNCW crowd-sourced 

an additional $3,000 to fund operations and expand services in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan Counties.

Why Youth Literacy ?

FACT:  Exposing toddlers to early reading skills is critical for early brain development.

FACT: Consistent dialogue between parent and child (like reading) helps develop communication skills.

FACT:  66% of 4th graders who are reading below grade level will end up in jail or on welfare.

FACT:  85% of juveniles in the criminal justice system are functionally illiterate.

Youth literacy affects ALL communities. Children, from homes that have no children's books, and have reduced access to print material are most at risk to underachieve and fail in schools if they are not reading at grade level by the 3rd or 4th grade.  We can change this by supporting book ownership and free access to books in all households with needs.

When a child connects to the pages of a book, they are learning word association, linear and exploratory thinking, expanding their vocabulary as well as building their attention span. Reading teaches a child to complete a task: from the first page to the closing chapter. These same pages open doors. Doors that lead to creativity and fluency in writing and speech. Doors that empower a young mind to strive and grow. 

Reading can also be an enjoyable and welcome family routine where parent, older sibling, or relative, spends positive and productive time reading to, and reading with, a child. This modeling behavior not only supports youth literacy but also strengthens important family bonds. Study after clinical study also links reading to profound early brain development. Children who are successful readers show stronger development in communication skills, analytical skills and cognitive skills. These all prepare them for successful entry into school where a strong start is critical. 

Our Mission

Providing Families the Books They Need



Chapter 2 Chapter promotes early child development, reading skills and youth literacy through book ownership. 

We provide, free of charge, age appropriate printed material to families in need through established non-profit human service providers.


Chapter 2 Chapter provides and distributes age appropriate reading material, free of charge, to at-risk families and the non-profit institutions that serve them. Partnering with established programs in education, child care, nutritional support, transitional housing and other family support services, we strive to expand our impact throughout Washington state.

Chapter 2 Chapter supports our partners to teach and encourage positive modeling behavior and promote positive parent-child bonding. The support progresses continuously with books for pre-Kindergarten children through teenagers.

We source our books from a variety of outside partners. These include: public libraries with surplus stock removed from circulation; school and community book drives; publishing house surplus and donations from like-minded non-profits. 

Chapter 2 Chapter is registered as a not-for-profit corporation in Washington State and recognized by the IRS 

as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. EIN: 82-1916303              All contributions are tax deductible. 


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If you are a social service provider , licensed day care or school and need books for your children or just have a passion for helping others we want to hear from you! 

Our core volunteers are teachers & students. They sort new and gently used books into four age groups and may also help with delivery. 

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