Community Foundation of North Central Washington

Chapter 2 Chapter's operations in North Central Washington is funded in large part by generous support from CFNCW through their Regional Impact Grant and Give NCW crowd-sourcing campaign. 


Thank you!! Our 2018 donors:

Regional Impact Grant - Community Foundation of North Central Washington

Dr. Robert Ogburn

John Cochenour

Elaine & David Wilson

Polly Feehan (2x)

Gil & Kay Sparks

Ping Loh (2)

Kevin & Suzi Pitts

Bailey Renner & Robert Rounthwaite

The Hartl Family

Steve & Julie Robinson    

Rob Burgess

Tom & Mall Boyd

Ralph & Cheryl Dawes

In honor of Tag Rolfs

Arius Elvikis & Colleen Frei

Drs. Peter Valaas & Susan Westerlund    

Larry Stephenson

Tamara Dezellem

Nathan Hahn

Marlys Barrett

Judy Phelps

Drs. Galen & Jeb Sorom

Mark & Judy Oswood

The Wray Family

Robert & Nancy Straub

Jim & Eileen Bone

Steve Eng

Lester Cooper

Louise Simons

Dawn McKenzie

Marcie Sanchez

Liz Iba

Katie Tackman

Barbara Lyon

Brandon Johnson

John R. Jesson

Karen Haff

Barbara Schneider

Lisa Torrence Burgos

Sallie Sanford

Cindy Chessie

Ina Chang

Elaine Chang

Alexa Chiu

Liang Wen Chiang

Donna Miller Collard

Ping Loh

Jin Xiu-Hong

Jin Xiu-Lan

Jin Xiu-Rong

Hung Tai

Kari Gilje

Liang - Chiu Family Foundation 

Anonymous ( x7)

YOU inspire the love of reading

You make a lasting impact. Every dollar you donate results in 7 books reaching a child in a low income or housing & food insecure household.

That's about $0.15 per book!!

$   10 = 67 books

$  25 = 170 books

$  50 = 335 books

$ 100 = 670 books


Over 95% of donations directly support programs and services. Chapter 2 Chapter is an all volunteer organization with no payroll, advertising or commercial fundraising. 

Your donation supports our logistical costs of book acquisition, storage and final delivery of the books. 

If you wish to donate by personal check or in kind donations, please email us at 

Chapter 2 Chapter is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington and recognized by the IRS as a 501[c]3 tax exempt organization. 

EIN: 82-1916303

All contributions are tax deductible. Please allow 1 week for donation receipts.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card